I lost my voice. Or maybe surrendered it is the apt word. Renounced it. Gave up. And I am not a quitter. That’s what I did though. Life got in the way. So now I am trying to get back on track. Returning to write about what is important to me. It doesn’t matter who hears me, who reads me. This is for me, it was always for me. I’m back. I found inspiration in the post of another blogger. Her fight to find her voice again influenced me in a most positive way.

OK, so where was I? Mother of the Bride? Turning 60? Sheesh, that seems so long ago, but really less than a year. I am going to be a grandmother again. YEAH! Happy about that. Can’t wait to meet my little man. A boy in this family at last. After three daughters and two granddaughters finally a grandson to look forward to.

When my daughter and son-in-law asked if they could stay with us until they found a house, we said yes immediately. To have our granddaughters around every day to share fun times with was too good a deal to pass up. However the stress on us older folk who are set in our ways began to set in quickly. I think the feelings were mutual. When you are used to living one way and have to adapt to another way it can cause tensions. I think we were all happy on moving day. The younger ones excited to turn their dream house into a home, my husband and I happy to have our spaces back. Rick has his music room and I have my craft room/office. A place for everything, so much storage. (More about that later.)

Life is good – almost. I became Power of Attorney for my sister and also the payee rep for her Social Security. This in itself is worthy of pages and pages of venting and angst. While I gladly took on this extra burden – that’s what family does – we take care of our own, what started out as taking her to appointments a couple of times a month turned into two or three times a week. Still, I am trying my best to help her. Even if I have to sacrifice to do so. It’s who I am.

I manage to carve out some “me” time when I can. Since my hours at work have been cut, my Friday’s off have become days to do my own thing. Mostly I just clean house and run errands so then on Saturdays I can do whatever. Last weekend I had a hankering to fix up some fizzy bath bombs, so homemade bath products were on my radar. The sleepy time lavender bath bombs were really nice. Thank goodness for Pinterest to provide inspiration. Or should I say pinspiration! There are several other projects I have in mind. I’ve been looking at some mixed-media paper crafting and thinking of making a photo book. And I want to try making a faux capiz shell hanging, maybe a light.

Finding my voice again is a happy thing. Which brings me to this-

IMG_4083 (Edited)

And it is It truly is.

Ta ta for now.