I’m excited and happy for Katie and Mijo as they plan their vow renewal ceremony and reception. Maybe this time I’ll relax a little more. After all this is my second time as mother of the bride. I’ve been doing some research online and wondering just what the duties of the M.O.B are. This was something I never considered before.  I perused www.brides.com and also www.theknot.com. Both of these sites have been around for a long time and are very popular with brides. I didn’t realize things like this are so specific. Here are a few the most common duties for the M.O.B. and how I plan to tackle them.

Shopping support – I helped Katie shop for her first dress. (Yes, there is a second one.) She was dead set on this dress. Not my fave, but she was the bride and paying for it so I let it pass. When she went for a fitting she found out there wasn’t enough fabric to let the dress out even a teeny bit – Hello, Bridezilla! However, this time her sister Elise was with her and style maven that she is, picked out “the one”. I love this new dress. I really do. I can’t wait to see her in it and cry a little bit too.

Researching traditions and finding family heirlooms – Piece of cake, I got this. I’m going to pin my great grandmother’s gold cross in her dress. Nearly every bride in my family has worn it on their wedding day. My grandmother, my mother, my aunt, me, my cousin, and now Katie will too. It’s a lovely piece and a wonderful tradition.

Go to contact – Wait a minute, give my number to the caterer, florist, venue, and who knows what else? I don’t know about that one. This is Katie’s wedding and she has very specific ideas on how she wants it to go. I’m staying out of the way on this. Except for the venue – since her dad and I agreed to cover that I guess I have to be the contact person there. I have the easy part.

Playing Host – Can’t wait! I’m going to rock that and make sure all of the guests have a wonderful time while Katie and Mijo enjoy themselves. Don’t know how I’m going to do that and watch Lola and Harper at the same time. Because I sort of volunteered to watch them and keep them out of trouble.

Communicating outfit choice with the groom’s mom – Well, I have my dress and I haven’t done that. The M.O.B. is supposed to buy her dress first and then tell the groom’s mom. What, so they don’t clash, or buy the same dress? Oh well. I’m not going to do this one. It won’t bother me one bit if she buys the same dress as me. Unless she’s like a size 4 and rocks it better than I do.

Day of dressing assistance – As much as I’d like to help with this, I know Katie has other ideas. She may be getting ready at her place with the bridesmaids and I’ll be getting ready at my home. So I suppose I will see her before hand to give her a squeeze and wish her well.

Second Dance – Maybe this should be the third dance. Dad and daughter dance, son and mother dance, then the wedding party – which means I’ll get my turn on the dance floor with my husband. I’m looking forward to dancing and having some fun.

The duties for the mother of the bride aren’t so complicated. Common sense mixed in with a little tradition and love. It’s going to be a wonderful party!