I created this blog to chronicle my life after our daughter moved back home with her daughters. Lola was almost 4 and Harper, just a little over a year old. Mayhem occurred on an almost daily basis as they adjusted to their new living arrangements. That was nearly two years ago. My intentions were good, but when life got in the way – my blog was put on hold.

Times have changed. No longer a full time granny, my status bumped down to part-time and I couldn’t be more content. Sure, I miss seeing my grandchildren all the time but now I relish the free time to pursue my hobbies and interests. (This blog!)

So what happened? In between Harper learning to walk, talk and climb up and down our stairs and Lola growing from toddler to a little girl, Katie found love again. The Happily Ever After kind. Now remarried to a wonderful man, she’s moved on and out on her own in more ways than one.

What will I blog about now? The girls still come over. They continue to delight, amaze, and yes, annoy me at times. Our house is going through renovations and more to come in the future. Married over 32 years, 3 daughters, the eldest are twins. Besides reading and writing, one of my passions is crafting. Give me a glue gun and I’m good to go. And finally, I’m a breast cancer survivor. Nineteen years on Halloween. That in itself is worthy of a blog of it’s own. I’ve plenty of stories to tell and can’t wait to get started on my next post.

Ta Ta for now…..